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Nippon & Co is an online store specializing in the Japanese universe. Throughout the year, we select for you, quality items, made in Japan. Through the various categories, you can find a large number of items for your interior space or your outfits, but also to offer.

A wide choice of tableware and ceramic objects to compose your table and create your universe. But also, many top quality kitchen utensils, to concoct good dishes all year round. Nippon & Co is also a wide selection of traditional Japanese cast iron teapots, ceramic cups and of course Japanese green teas. Also travel through a large number of food products to find in our grocery store.

Beyond cuisine and gastronomy, Japan is also an atmosphere and a way of life. On Nippon & Co, discover the traditional kimonos and yukatas with many accessories to personalize your outfit. But also, a set of decorative objects to personalize your interior spaces. From kokeshi dolls to lamps and tatami mats, enter the authentic world of Japan with Nippon & Co.

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