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Japan clothing
A wide range of Japanese clothing for men and women directly imported from Japan.

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  • Japanese vintage kimono and yukata

    Vintage-style Japanese kimono and yukata will match our traditional sandals.

  • Belts and Obi from Japan

    Perfect for accessorizing your kimono or yukata, obi belts will add the finishing touch to your look.

  • Selection of haori from Japan
    Discover our selection of traditional haori, short jackets to wear over a kimono.
  • Japan Fashion Accessories
    Discover here our wide range of Japanese accessories for your traditional and modern outfits: jewelry, bags, parasols, hichimaki headbands and many others.
  • Kimono and Yukatas from Japan...

    Discover our selection of traditional kimonos and yukatas for women, directly made in Japan. Long or short, with long sleeves, they are always worn left side to right side.

  • Japanese shoes

    Find here traditional sandals, zori and geta for men and women, for a Japanese style in all circumstances.

  • Japanese socks

    Colorful and original, Japanese tabi socks will bring the final touch to all your outfits (Japanese or not).

  • Japan fans
    The fan is an object inseparable from the traditional rites of China and Japan. Used in Japanese Noh or Kabuki theater, in storytelling in traditional dance, as well as in some martial arts, it is also used to accessorize an outfit.
  • Japanese inspired bags
    Many traditional cotton or chirimen bags to complete your Japanese outfit.
  • Japanese-inspired fabrics
    Discover our range of fabrics with traditional or modern patterns to make your clothes, bags, cushions and do all your sewing projects.
  • Kimono and Yukata from Japan for...

    Discover our different kimono and yukata for men with long or short shapes, to associate with our pairs of zori and geta.