The art of the table in Japan

Create your ideal Japanese table with our selection of glasses, plates, chopsticks, chopstick rests and utensils of all kinds.

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  • Japanese utensils

    Cook Japanese with our selection of traditional utensils: donabe pots, trays, spoons, grill, etc.

  • Japanese platters and trivets

    Place your hot dishes and teapots without fear on our Japanese cast iron, bamboo or wood trivets.

  • Spoons from Japan

    A selection of Japanese ceramic or wooden spoons to enjoy your soups and broths or to prepare your teas.

  • Kitchen knives

    Fish, meat or vegetables, cut your food with our traditional Japanese knives.

  • Japanese rice and soup bowls

    Find all of our traditional soup or rice bowls to taste your Japanese dishes.

  • Plates of Japan

    Find our selection of round, square and rectangular Japanese plates, individually or as a set.

  • Cast iron and ceramic teapots

    Discover our selection of teapots made in Japan in ceramic and clay cast iron. Quality and authentic teapots to taste and appreciate the benefits of tea.

  • Selection of Japanese cups

    Perfect for sharing tea with family or friends, our traditional cups are available in multiple patterns and colors.

  • Japanese teaboxes

    Come and discover our collection of tea boxes made in Japan. Different colors and patterns, there is something for everyone. What to keep your tea conserve preciously and with originality.

  • Pairs of Japanese chopsticks and...

    Discover our selection of pairs of chopsticks and chopstick rests to decorate your tables and enjoy all your Japanese dishes.

  • Sake set from Japan

    Share the sake in with one of our three-piece sets: the carafe and two glasses with typically Japanese patterns.

  • Lunch boxes bentô
    Japanese bento boxes are traditionally used to take out various foods and preparations. They generally contain several compartments.
  • Japanese glasses

    Enjoy all your drinks in our glasses with typical Japanese patterns.