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Find the best and cheapest elements of traditional Japanese decoration made in japan


  • Japanese household linen

    Furoshiki, tenugui, towels, handkerchiefs ... Let yourself be seduced by our selection of Japanese household linen.

  • Japanese statuettes

    Decorate your interior with original Japanese statuettes

  • Zen meditation

    Incense, cushions, dharma bowls ... You will find in this section all our articles to meditate on it or create a Zen atmosphere at home

  • Japanese Daruma dolls

    Daruma (だるま) is the Japanese name for Bodhidharma (Japanese pronunciation of Dharma). The daruma is a Japanese papier-mâché figurine in the shape of a Buddhist monk. A daruma is also, in Japanese culture, a figurine with wishes, luck and prosperity.

  • japanese dolls

    find the most beautiful and cheapest traditional Japanese dolls made in japan

  • japanese lamps

    Discover your selection of Japanese-inspired wooden lamps and paper

  • Japanese curtain linen and coton

    find the most beautiful and cheapest curtains Japanese traditional linen and cotton made in Japan

  • Japanese Pillows - Makura

    Although modern medicine has only recently caught on to the advantages of buckwheat hull pillows, the Japanese have been enjoying their benefits for centuries. Health care professionals will frequently recommend a makura to help alleviate neck pain and tension headaches. They evenly distribute the weight of your head, allowing the supporting neck muscles to fully relax.

  • Lucky cat Maneki-neko

    find the most beautiful and cheapest Japanese lucky cats - Maneki-neko traditional ceramic made in Japan

  • Flower Holder Frog and ikebana shears

    discover our japan accessories for ikebana, kenzan, pair of scissors and vases

  • Ikebana, vase and soliflore

    Ikebana, which we can literally translate as "living flowers", is the art of bouquets. Very popular with Japanese, it allows them to forget the world around them and achieve true inner harmony.

  • Japanese wooden screens - Shoji

    find the best and cheapest Traditional Japanese wooden screens

  • Japanese rugs and tatamis

    Discover exclusively our wide selection of Japanese made rice straw (goza) rugs and tatami

  • Koinobori - Windsock

    Koinobori - 鯉 幟 is written with the kanji 鯉 (koi) which means “carp (s)” and 幟 meaning the banner / banner / banner. That is to say a fabric / canvas / paper carp that floats in the wind.
    This type of windsock is often hoisted in Japan on "children's day" (Kodomo no hi - 子 供 の 日) which takes place on May 5 in Japan.
    At the top of a bamboo pole, the father is represented by a black carp, named magoi, then the mother, by a red carp, named higoi, then a koinobori is hung for each child in the family.
    According to a Chinese legend, the carp of the Yellow river, after having gone up the river, would fly up to the sky while being transformed into dragons. This legend is said to be at the origin of this tradition, signifying the end of early childhood and the integration into Japanese society of children over the ages.

  • Japanese paper models

    Mount Fuji, shrines and Japanese castles: invite Japan to your home with our cardboard models to assemble yourself!

  • Japanese umbrellas

    Oil-paper umbrellas are often known in Japanese as wagasa (Japanese: 和傘, "Japanese umbrella"), and these with a bull's-eye design are called janomegasa (蛇の目傘). The handle and scaffold are often colored black, however, sometimes other colors are applied as well. The surface paintings include traditional Japanese culture, gained popularity from the Azuchi–Momoyama period to Edo period.

  • Owl - Mimizuku Fukuro

    Find a selection of objects representing the traditional Japanese Owl representing in Japanese culture wisdom, benevolence and knowledge.

  • japenese wind bells - fūrin

    find the most beautiful and cheaper Japanese bells and chimes - traditional cast iron made in Japan

  • Japanese rabbits - Usagi

    Here is a selection of objects representing the rabbit, a kawai figure par excellence in Japan.

  • Japanese stationery

    Discover a wide variety of stationery here: origami paper, pens and pencils, erasers ...

  • Japanese masks

    Add a Japanese touch to your interior with our selection of Japanese masks

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