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Find many elements of traditional Japanese decoration.

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  • Japanese pens
    Object that we use every day, fall for one of these pens with traditional patterns.
  • Japanese Linen
    Let yourself be seduced by our selection of Japanese linens made up of squares of furoshiki fabrics, tenugui, towels and handkerchiefs.
  • Zen incense and meditation

    Create a Japanese Zen atmosphere with our straw cushions, decorative elements or cast iron incense holders in which you can burn many scent sticks.

  • Wall decorations from Japan
    Decorate your home by choosing from a selection of Japanese prints, illustrations and kakemono.
  • YOSEGI - Hakone marquetry from...
    Yosegi marquetry is a feature of the Hakone region, located about a hundred kilometers east of Tokyo, in Kanagawa prefecture.
  • Antiquities of Japan
    Find unique objects found in France and Japan, mostly aged from the Meiji period, or even earlier. Above all, they are aimed at lovers and collectors of antique objects.
  • Statuettes of Japan
    Discover a selection of decorative objects made in Japan.
  • Japanese dolls - Daruma
    Daruma is the Japanese name for Bodhidharma, a figure of Buddhism. The daruma is a rather round figurine, made of papier-mâché. In Japanese culture, it represents a symbol of luck and prosperity and is used to make a wish by coloring an eye.
  • Japanese paper lamps

    Find our different living room, table, wall and ceiling lamps for a Japanese decoration.

  • Japanese cushions and makura

    Long used in Asian countries, makura cushions are recommended by many healthcare professionals. Its composition in buckwheat husk, small and angular, offers a dense, static and non-leaking filling, making it possible to guarantee a stable and reliable support of the cervicals.

  • The Lucky cat Maneki-neko

    Find our selection of manekineko cats, ceramic or porcelain lucky cats.

  • Kenzan flower spikes - ikebana
    Used in ikebana, Japanese floral art, kenzan keeps the flowers in the composition upright. It consists of a heavy metal base, topped with needles on which the flowers are pricked.
  • Vases and soliflores - Ikebana
    Meaning "the art of bringing flowers to life", the traditional Japanese floral art, called ikebana, is a decoration practice, but also a very spiritual practice that allows you to reconnect with nature in order to achieve true harmony. interior.
  • Screens from Japan
    Discover our range of Japanese screens to give a Japanese touch to your interior.
  • Japanese rugs and tatami mats

    Authentic and comfortable, discover our selection of Japanese rugs and tatami in rice straw (goza).

  • Windsocks - Koinobori
    Traditionally hung outside in gardens for Children's Day, koinobori can also be hung indoors, in children's bedrooms for example.
  • Japanese umbrellas - Wasaga
    Wasaga umbrellas are made of a bamboo frame often black in color topped with oiled washi paper. Colors vary from red to purple with sakura patterns.
  • Owl - Mimizuku Fukuro
    Discover a selection of objects representing the traditional owl symbol of wisdom, benevolence and knowledge in Japanese culture.
  • Japanese bells and chimes
    In glass or cast iron, find beautiful traditional Japanese bells or chimes.
  • Japanese rabbits - Usagi
    Here is a selection of decorative objects representing the rabbit, kawaii figure par excellence in Japan.
  • Japanese stationery
    Origami papers, pens and pencils, erasers and many other Japanese items can be found in our stationery.
  • Japanese masks
    Discover our selection of traditional Japanese masks to decorate your interior.
  • Japanese noren curtains
    Noren are usually hung on the front doors of shops or houses in Japan. Now these curtains have become decorative items.
  • Japanese wooden and paper dolls

    Discover traditional Japanese dolls: vintage or modern wooden kokeshi and colorful okiagari made from papier maché and crepe paper.

  • Japanese paper models

    Mount Fuji, shrines and Japanese castles: invite Japan to your home with our cardboard models to assemble yourself!

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