Book - Japanese Buddhism, Émile Steinilber-Oberlin


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Book - Japanese Buddhism, Émile Steinilber-Oberlin

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Collection: The Prunier
Number of pages: 270
Format: 150 x 225
Release date: November 2018
​​​​​​​Language : French
ISBN: 978-2-35432-315-8

Translator from Japanese and Sanskrit, Émile Steinilber-Oberlin was born in 1878. He has published philosophical essays, works on linguistics and translations of Japanese poets, including Sei Shonagon's "Pillow Notes" and Bashô's haikus Matsuo.

By presenting in a particularly clear way the philosophical doctrines of the different schools of Japanese Buddhism, as well as their founder and their main temples, this unique reference work allows everyone to familiarize themselves with one of the most original expressions of the world. teaching of the Buddha and penetrate the spiritual heart of Japan.

The author exposes the principles of each school through conversations with monks, which makes the reading very pleasant, especially as these exchanges are held within the framework of famous monasteries and that the beauty of the environment contributes to the serenity of the story.

In addition, the author's sympathy for Buddhism and the Japanese people, combined with an intuitive understanding of the doctrine, enables him to convey to us the best of Japanese Buddhism in its various expressions.

All of Buddhist philosophy is made for man, is based on man, was made for man and by man. Buddhism is a crystallization of human spiritual endeavor. (H. Ono)


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Book - Japanese Buddhism, Émile Steinilber-Oberlin

Book - Japanese Buddhism, Émile Steinilber-Oberlin

Book - Japanese Buddhism, Émile Steinilber-Oberlin