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Duo of Japanese sake glasses, PREMIUM ICHIMONJI


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Set of 2 Japanese sake glasses, PREMIUM ICHIMONJI

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  • made in Japan
  • Iwakura - Aichi Prefecture

24,17 €

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Height5.7 cm
Diameter7 cm
Capacity90 ml
PackingPackaged in a cardboard box
Product originmade in Japan
Production regionIwakura - Aichi Prefecture

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Sake has been the traditional Japanese alcohol for many centuries. Its manufacturing method is quite similar to that of beer. First, master brewers use a type of rice that contains more starch than what is consumed. The rice will then be polished 40 to 70%. It is in part the polishing percentage that will determine the taste of the sake. Then, just like beer, you need yeast and water, mixing all the ingredients will release sugar and alcohol. The sake will then be bottled to mature between three and six months. Once this period has passed, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif or during meals, like wine. Traditionally, it is presented in a ceramic pitcher and served to diners in small cups / cups. Sake can be enjoyed cold, from 5 ° C or hot, up to 55 ° C.


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