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Japanese plum liqueur OZEKI NIGORI UMESHU


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Japanese Plum Liqueur OZEKI NIGORI UMESHU 12.5% 100ml

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation

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Product originmade in Japan

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Japanese Plum Liqueur OZEKI NIGORI UMESHU 12.5% 100ml

Japanese Liqueurs are traditional Japanese drinks that combine endogenous fruits and citrus fruits with Japanese alcohols, with shochu and nihonshu sake in the lead. The best known version is undoubtedly the "umeshu", or Japanese plum liqueur, developed centuries ago to preserve the fruit and its tonic qualities for medicinal purposes. As the basic alcohols are very often low in alcohol, these Japanese liqueurs very rarely exceed 20%.

The main Japanese liqueurs :

Anzushu: liqueur of anzu, small apricot of Japan.

Midori : green melon-based liqueur.

Mikanshu : Mikan liqueur, a small seedless tangerine of Asian origin.

Momoshu: Japanese peach liqueur with white flesh.

Sakura Kirakira: Japanese cherry blossom liqueur.

Umeshu: ume liqueur, a typically Japanese fruit, which lies between the plum and the apricot.

Yuzushu : yuzu liqueur, a small Japanese citrus fruit close to lemon, with very intense aromas.

Sometimes the term "nigori" is added to the name of the liqueur, which means that it is unfiltered and that the fruit has been left in the bottle, either whole or pureed. 


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