Japanese tea box made of metal, DARUMA, red


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red Japanese blue tea box Daruma


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Height8.4 cm
Diameter8.6 cm
Capacity100 grammes
Product originmade in Japan
Production regionYaizu - Shizuoka Prefecture

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Daruma are hollow figurines, rounded in shape, without arms or legs. They were modeled after Bodhidharma. They are most often red, but sometimes yellow, green, purple and white. The face of the figurine is mustachioed and bearded, the eyes are white, without irises.

Some figurines have, on the cheeks, painted characters explaining the type of wish of its owner (glory, wealth, health, protection of his own). The owner's first name can be written on the chin of the figurine.
Daruma with still white eyes

Black ink is used to draw the circular pupil of the first eye by mentally making the wish. Until the wish is fulfilled, the daruma is stored high up in his house, generally near other objects of the same ilk, such as a Butudan, a sort of Buddhist prayer box.

If the wish is fulfilled, we then draw the second pupil, and we write the way in which the wish was realized. This brings, beyond superstitions, the advantage of providing a reflection on how to accomplish what is desired.

If the wish is not fulfilled, and the daruma was bought in a temple (it then bears the temple seal), its owner can send it back there for it to be burned. Most temples will refuse to burn figurines that they did not make. The ritual of destruction by fire, which generally takes place at the end of the year, indicates to the kami that one has not given up his wish but that one will look for other means so that he realized.
Round metal box blue Japanese tea
made in Japan, double closure,
capacity: 100 gr
height: 8.2 cm
diameter: 8.5 cm


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Japanese tea box made of metal, DARUMA, red

Japanese tea box made of metal, DARUMA, red

red Japanese blue tea box Daruma