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apanese green tea bancha, BANCHA AUTUMN, 200g


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Japanese green tea bancha, BANCHA AUTUMN, 200g

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Weight200 grammes
Product originmade in Japan
Infusion time2 to 3 minutes
Time of the dayAll the day
Place of harvestKakegawa - Shizuoka, Japan

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Origin: Japan (Kakegawa. Shizuoka)
Net weight x bag: 200g / 7.0oz
Ingredients: Green tea - harvested in the fall, which helps lower blood sugar levels.
JAN Code: 4970781364102

Bancha (番茶) is the most popular tea in Japan after Sencha, it translates to everyday tea. Its harvest is late unlike the sencha which is harvested in April, May, the Bancha is harvested either in the middle of summer or autumn, winter.

It has less caffeine than Sencha and is an excellent supplier of minerals and trace elements, especially iron. Very good effect on digestion by its high content of tannins, Bancha stimulates and facilitates the good assimilation of food. With its basic acidity, it therefore has a deacidifying power. Bancha is also suitable for sensitive stomachs (unlike Sencha and Gyokuro), it even has positive effects on the intestinal mucosa. It contains less than half the caffeine of a Sencha or a Gyokuro, but still twice as much as a Kukicha. Bancha has a noticeable antifungal (and fungal) effect and has been used for a long time in Japan as a remedy home against fungi.

To make the most of its virtues, it is recommended to let it infuse for less than 2 minutes in water at 55-60°C (depending on its quality). It should be noted that beyond 2 minutes, tannins are released into the water which inhibits certain positive effects of green tea on health.


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